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Footprints of Hope

Welcome to the Footprints of Hope website.

Peter & Kate Mancey, working as John 21 Ministries, minister God’s word and share personal testimony to bring challenge, fresh faith and renewed hope so that His people may be equipped to impact lives for Christ.

As part of their ministry Kate has written Footprints of Hope, telling the story of God’s miraculous healing in her own life and the powerful effect this has had upon their life and ministry in the subsequent years.

Kate Mancey

Footprints of Hope – the book

A young girl with a seemingly bright future, Kate contracted rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 13, followed two years later by the total loss of her eyesight. However, she was a determined young lady, becoming a primary school teacher and going on to marry and have a family. Then, in her late twenties, she endured a period of severe depression lasting six years before God broke in with a miracle of healing – not only was the depression lifted, but the constant pain in her joints was instantly gone and, within weeks, her sight partially restored.

This is very much Kate’s story, but, more than that, it is God’s story too, for it details what happens when He is allowed to work in a life which is totally yielded to Him.

In this book you will feel the pain of those early years, but above all you will find a God of power and love whose amazing grace brings restoration, comfort, fulfilment and hope for all who come to Him.


From the Foreword by Bill Eugster...

'In this book, you will be invited to confront issues of forgiveness, risk-taking, faith-stretching, honesty in prayer, justice and human dignity. The way Kate tells the story of her family’s life and struggles quickly throws the spotlight on our own issues, reactions and prejudices. Like Eeva-Liisa and I, you may well find yourself asking, “What do I feel about this? What kind of God do I believe in? How, then, should I live?” The one thought you won’t be left with is, “Well, that’s easy for her to say”…'