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Footprints of Hope

Your Testimonies

Our prayer is that as you read Footprints of Hope, God will richly bless you and touch your life. We would love to hear your testimony, so please email us at:



'Footprints of Hope is an inspiring story of the Lord's faithfulness through many trials. You just want to keep reading to see prayers answered. It challenged me to turn to Jesus in everything and to live a radical Christian life.'

Julie M.

'We were fortunate enough to read Footprints of Hope in advance of publication and were continually touched by the depth of love that flows from the text. Promising an insight into God's love for each and every one of us this book is also a beautiful love story of two people journeying through life together obedient to God's call. It is an honest, open account of the struggles we can face and is a fantastic testimony of God breaking into ordinary peoples' lives in the most extraordinary ways.'

Gavin P.