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Footprints of Hope

From the Foreword

Selections from the Foreword, by Bill Eugster

'In her ruthlessly honest, emotionally engaging and vivid account we get to see, through Kate's eyes, the influences in a woman's life which make her into the person God intends her to be. We are never more truly ourselves until we allow God to shape us into His image. This is rarely an easy or pain-free process, but it does also open us up to the sheer exuberance and joy of experiencing God.
In the 30 years or so that Eeva-Liisa and I have known Kate and Peter and their daughters, Becki and Victoria, our friendship has grown and developed. We've always been able to laugh, cry and be completely honest and open with them. We have been witnesses to many of the things Kate faithfully writes about.
There are times when I have heard about miracles from people and wondered, 'Was it really like that? Is this person making a meal out of some fortunate coincidence?' It is easy to claim God to be speaking or blessing when its nothing of the sort, just our wishful thinking. But this book is an account that is accurate and honest to the point of raw vulnerability. Kate and Peter have an integrity which we have seen over and over again...
In this book, you will be invited to confront issues of forgiveness, risk-taking, faith-stretching, honesty in prayer, justice and human dignity. The way Kate tells the story of her family's life and struggles quickly throws the spotlight on our own issues, reactions and prejudices. Like Eeva-Liisa and me, you may well find yourself asking, 'What do I feel about this? What kind of God do I believe in? How, then, should I live?' The one thought you won't be left with is, 'Well, that's easy for her to say'...
There are no limits to the power, effect and extent of God's love. Kate and Peter's story is not finished. And neither is yours...'
Rev Bill Eugster